How to Make a Folder That Cannot Be Deleted

This is one of the tricks that can be used to fool someone.
You will learn about that later.
To create a folder that you can’t delete except from Command Line Interface, first open the command line interface.
Go to the directory in which you want to create the folder.
For example, drive D. Type d: and press enter key.
The code md is use to create a folder in the command line interface and it stands for make directory.
So now that you have gotten to where you want to create your folder just type md followed by any of this names aux, lpt1, lpt2 to lpt9 and con then end with \ e.g md aux\
A folder will be created in the drive and no one will be able to delete it unless you come back to the command line interface and use the below code.
Rd followed by the name of the folder then \. Just like the above example we use, for us to delete that folder you just have go into the directory from your command line interface and type rd aux\ then hit enter period.


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